Edwina Ashton
The video works of Edwina Ashton document performances in which fantastical characters pursue repetitive, every-day actions to tragic-comic effect.

Phyllis Baldino
The art practice of Phyllis Baldino merges performance, video, sculpture and installation to question with humour, the function and meaning of every-day objects and actions.

Paul Desborough
The paintings of Paul Desborough challenge our most basic assumptions about the nature of painting.

Jack Early
Jack Early’s text piece Poster recounts the story of his rapid ascent and decent as part of the art duo Pruitt-Early in the New York art world of the late 80’s

Alexandros Georgiou
Transcending what could be exotic trappings of his oriental subjects, Georgiou reveals the spiritual resilience of the people he has met on his journeys to the East.

Jennifer Graber
Haunting and ambiguous, Jennifer Graber’s abstract images ‘teeming with invisible life’ carry the viewer’s imagination into contradictory areas of perception.

Scott Grodesky
The current works of New York artist Scott Grodesky progress the traditional theme of the figure in perspective space along a conceptually adventurous course.

Sara Kane

The artist has said of her work: ‘I want to turn the visible invisible. To erase what we think is real … and show it for the illusion it is.’

DeAnna Maganias
The divergence between objective reality and the subjective experience of that reality defines the main terrain in which the work of DeAnna Maganias operates.

Giacinto Occhionero
The work of Giacinto Occhionero explores the intricate relationship between man and nature and the cultural impact of man’s interventions on the natural landscape.

Luca Padroni
Embracing the viewer as an integral element of the picture, the formal construction of Luca Padroni’s images projects a powerful sense of motion, through impossible architectural spaces.

Maria Papadimitriou
Underpinning the work of Maria Papadimitriou is the will to reconsider the role of art in contemporary society as a means to investigate notions of individual and collective identity.

Sharon Thomas
The work of British painter Sharon Thomas applies traditional methods of representation, landscape and figuration, to comment on issues of class, gender and identity in contemporary society.

Nicola Tyson
Frightening, grotesque or burlesque, the tension between what we can see and what we think we can see in Tyson’s work is revealing: perhaps of the artist, but more so, of our own imagination.