Alexandros Georgiou

Alexandros Georgiou’s work from his Without My Own Vehicle series takes us Eastward. Arduously making his way overland from Athens (the artist’s home) to Varanasi, India, via Turkey, Iran and Pakistan, Georgiou explores places experiencing hardship and social upheaval, where the majority of inhabitants are isolated from the economic prosperity of the ‘developed’ world. It was one of Georgiou’s intentions to embark on this journey and come face to face with places that we hear about from the perspective of the western press through the filter of banal association and prejudice. Transcending what could be exotic trappings of his oriental subjects, Georgiou reveals the spiritual resilience of the people he has lived with. The poetry of his images captures and exalts fleeting beauty in the everyday mundane, while critically engaging with the ugliness and brutality of life. Georgiou’s images all originate as hand made postcards – montages of collected objects, fragmented pictures and writing in which he recounts his impressions for a chosen recipient, often the sponsors of his project, thereby belying the precarious ambiguity of his own position.

Without My Own Vehicle Athens – Agapi 2007-08, digital print on paper

Without My Own Vehicle Athens – Chewing Gum Constellations 2007-08, digital print on paper

Without My Own Vehicle Athens – Inside the Elevator to the Celestial Powers 2007-08, digital print on paper

Without My Own Vehicle Iran – Poster in Bus 2005-06, digital print on paper

Without My Own Vehicle Varanasi – Red Light District 2009-10, digital print on paper

Without My Own Vehicle India – Kids Wearing MacDonalds Clown Masks 2006-07, digital print on paper

Without My Own Vehicle Iran – Tea in Tehran 2005-06, digital print on paper

Born 1972 in Athens

1991-1996 Bachelor’s in Fine Arts Athens’ School of Fine Arts

Spring 1995 Erasmus Programm
Middlesex University, London

1996-1998 Master’s in Fine Arts
School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York
Lives and works in Athens 

Solo Exhibitions 

“Varanasi”, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens

“Without my own vehicle (part II), DODO Gallery, Thessaloniki

“Without my own vehicle”, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens

“Favourite Games”, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens

“Cut-outs”, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens 

Group Exhibitions (selected)

“Kunsthalle Athena – The Bar”, Athens; 
“Bring your own Beamer”, curated by Angelo Plessas, Kuntshalle Athena, Athens

“Transexperiences Greece 2008”, curated by Anna Kafetzi, 798 Space, Bejinh, China
; “Athens Ville”, curated by Marina Fokidis, HELEXPO, Athens

“In Present Tence. Young Greek Artists”, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens; “Turbulence”, 3rd Auckland Triennial, Curated by V.Lynn, Auckland; 
“Apolis”, Hellenic American Union, Curated by Kostis Velonis, Athens 

“Give(a)way”, E V+ A 2006, Curated by Katerina Gregos Limerick, Ireland

“Jasmine”, E31 Gallery, Athens. Cur. Alexandros Georgiou; 
“Gesture”, cur. Marina Fokidis, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki- Quarter Centroproduzionarte, Florence
“Self-Aboutness”, Canal Isabel II, Madrid

“Photography Now”, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, Athens

“Tweaked”, cur. Michelle Tillou, Angel Orensanz Foundation, NY
Curt Marcus, New York; 
“Thrilos”, cur. Marina Fokidis, K. Sarantopoulos Flourmills, Athen

“Inter-Views ’99”, cur. Alexandros Georgiou, Kappatos, Athens
; “Metro”, cur. Dan Cameron, Deste Foundation, Athens; 
“In my room”, cur. Paul Ha, White Columns, New York 

“SP-Project”, cur. Kenji Fujita, Wooster Gallery, New York

“Spring Collection ’96 “, cur. Helena Papadopoulos Deste Foundation, Athens